Clips of Faith

Back in May, on the night of my graduation, Greg’s friend invited us to an event called Clips of Faith in Forest Park.  We didn’t know much about it, except that it involved short films and samples of delicious beer from New Belgium.  We went with low expectations, but soon found that it. was. awesome.  The World’s Fair pavilion filled with hipsters, beer-lovers, and lots of dogs.  The Pi food truck served their signature pizzas, we sampled some amazing beers, and the films were alternately hilarious and heartwarming.  Knowing that I’d be moving in a few months, it seemed like the perfect send-off from my favorite city.  Then we looked at the program:  Clips of Faith had started its tour in St. Louis, was traveling to cities all across the country, and would be ending the tour in Knoxville in October.  We’d be able to attend twice!  It was fate.

Greg ended up going to a bachelor party in Nashville the weekend Clips of Faith came to Knoxville, but I managed to convince one of my coworkers to go with me.  The weather was perfect, and once again the venue (World’s Fair Park, appropriately) filled with all the hipsters in the city.  (I hadn’t even known there were that many hipsters in Knoxville).  We dined on fried avocado tacos and homemade chips and salsa from the Savory/Sweet food truck and sipped my favorite beer, Cocoa Mole.  While not as meaningful as the first Clips of Faith, it helped me celebrate our recent move and new city.

Here are some of my favorite films from the event:

And my very favorite:


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