A few weeks ago, just when the weather started to turn, we made a trip to Asheville, NC.  Our plan was to tour the city during the day and camp that night (cheapest lodging option!).  Then, we would hike the next day and make our way back to Knoxville.  The two-hour autumn drive was beautiful, and Asheville was even more so.  It’s an eclectic city full of artsy people and cool little shops.

We wandered around, checking out the menus posted outside restaurants, before stopping in a little cafe/bar for a bean burger and a Philly cheesesteak.  A coworker later told me she usually eats at Tupelo Honey while in Asheville.  I salivated over the menu and then did a happy dance when I realized they just opened one here in Knoxville.  (Don’t worry, family, we’re eating here when you visit.)

After lunch, we did some more wandering, working our way past countless troubadours and art galleries.  We stopped in at a little boutique, where I found a dress on clearance that fit like it was custom made (I love Asheville).  After checking out one of their local breweries and stopping for lattes in a bus-turned-coffee shop, we dragged the car up a mountain and set up camp.

Although still full from lunch, we headed back to the city for a night on the town including dinner, music, and more breweries.  I accidentally ordered a beer with 10% ABV, so we called it quits after one drink and drove back to our campsite.  The chill of the mountain air hit us almost immediately, but we were undeterred.  I had to sleep with socks on my hands but somehow made it through the night.  The lazy morning breakfast and hike the next day made the cold night worth it.


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