For about the past month, it’s been rainy almost every day in Knoxville.  And for some reason, I’ve fallen incredibly behind on my posts, even though I have nothing better to do.  Here’s a little catch-up post, in case you were wondering what I’ve been up to.

Holidays:  We spent New Year’s Eve at a bar called Sassy Ann’s, which is in an old Victorian house and probably not up to code.

Exploring:  Murray and I went on a walk at Ijams Nature Center, just south of downtown.  I drank a coffee and tried to snap some pictures.  I ventured to the art museum, which is okay but nowhere near as cool as SLAM.  Greg and I shopped around town and tried out some new stores.

Travels:  Greg, the dog, and I traveled to Greenville, SC, where we saw his childhood home and caught a minor-league hockey game.  The next day, we hiked at Table Rock state park.  We went to Nashville last weekend, where we ate a lot and karaoke’d in Santa’s Pub, a Christmas-themed bar in a double wide trailer.

Misc:  I’ve been training Murray to (hopefully) be a therapy dog.  He is the neediest pup ever, so hopefully someone else can get the chance to cuddle with him for a while.  Greg played in a minor-league hockey game, as a backup goalie for the Huntsville, AL Havoc.

Hopefully this weekend brings some sunshine and more fun adventures around K-Town.



One thought on “Catch-Up

  1. Geri Lammert

    Hi Annie my Dear.

    I don’t think Greg looks like a penguin. An overstuffed teddy bear maybe.

    I am learning to type and play with SPARKLY BOB. Recognize the name?

    Your Daddy passed it on to me because my computer went down. For good.

    Let me pay something to you for this computer. I’m sure that you can use a little extra. Just set a price. You know that I just can’t take it.

    It is certainly different than mine but I’ll keep plugging away.

    Your weather has certainly been yucky. Ours has been snowy white and as cold as it is it will stay that way.

    Love you Honey,

    Grandma Nut

    Do you know what? I think the little Lammert kiddos think I’m a bit nutty too!



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