A Tribute to Asheville

Sorry for the hiatus, y’all.  I don’t even really have a good excuse.  Hopefully no one missed me too much.  Anyway, I’ll be changing blogs soon.  When I took notes in school, I was incredibly OCD about it.  Everything had to be put under the right heading, and nothing was more frustrating than a professor who went back to a topic and there wasn’t enough room to add in notes under that heading.  Which is to say that I feel weird categorizing my new life changes under the blog I started to document my time in K-Town, so I’m going to scadoot on out of here after this post and create a new blog.  I’ll keep you posted.

What doesn’t feel weird, though, is ending my time here by posting about Asheville, NC.  In the short 10 months that I lived in Knoxville, I visited Asheville 3 times.  I had been hoping to go back at least once more before leaving, but I’ll have to settle with some memories for now.  I had a complicated relationship with Knoxville (libaries! aggressive conservatives! homogeneous neighborhoods! diabetes-inducing food!), but just 3 hours down the highway, I formed a loving and stable relationship with Asheville.  (Artists! breweries! delicious food! mountains!)  While I don’t know that I’ll travel back to Knoxville anytime soon, I will definitely be vacationing in Asheville

The most recent time we went there was with my family for a homebrewers’ festival.  The sun shone all day, the night was breezy, and the beer was flowing.  I’m so lucky to have found my own little southern niche there.


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